After I deployed the Nebula Graph services with Docker Compose and connected to the graph service by running docker run --rm -ti --network=host vesoft/nebula-console:nightly --addr= --port=3699, the screen showed that I logged in the console as user. But when I used the SHOW USERS statement to query all the existing accounts, only root is returned, no user.

Then I ran docker run --rm -ti --network=host vesoft/nebula-console:nightly --addr= --port=3699 --u="root", in the returned account table, only root exists.

This is my question: What is the user account? It seems that this account has the GOD role privilege.

When I run run --rm -ti --network=host vesoft/nebula-console:nightly --addr= --port=3699, the following is returned:

The screen didn’t show I logged in as USER.

By default, a GOD account named root is created when initializing the service.

Hope this helps.

the initial user is root, the root is the admin account of all spaces. If you want to create some account, you can use create users and give graphd a flag --enable_authorize

The root account is created, but on the screen user is shown, as shown in your screenshot. Keeping them consistent would be better?

This is by default. Because the default user name is user, so user is shown here.
Sorry for confusing you.

We will improve that, thank you.

So many thanks for the replies. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Regardless of whether you have enabled the authorizations, whichever user logs in will be displayed here.

The default it user.

Have a nice day.