Can the builtin of the gallery only engage in online query?

Can the builtin of the gallery only engage in online query? it necessary to engage in propagation algorithms and shortest paths? How does Nebula support graph analysis algorithms?

By Gallery you mean?
For Propagation Alogrithms, you can use nebula-algorithm, it’s a spark application based on GraphX, it can read graph data from CSV or from Nebula Graph Cluster, it also can write algorithm output to CSV or back to Nebula Graph Cluster as sink.


To quick start, you can follow my example of importing livejournal data to nebula graph and then run pagerank algorithm with nebula-algorithm here: , it can be done in single server with docker :slight_smile:

For Shortest Path, if it’s whole graph path computing, it’s also supported by Nebula Algorithm as above github repo(also there are documentation in or ).

While for shortest path of a given start and end vertex, it’s supported by nGQL already with the FIND PATH expression.

If the existing algorithms in nebula-algorithm cannot fillfull your requirement, it’s more than welcomed to raise issue in the repo or implement it and contribute to upstream :-).

Also, nebula is being integrated with the Plato Graph computing Platform and in future, we will have more native project to support OLAP/Graph Computation other than the Nebula-Alogrithm(GraphX) and Plato.


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