Connecting to nebula-studio

I’m unable to connect to nebula, using nebula-graph-studio:v2 docker image. I was able to connect and access the UI using nebula-web-docker earlier, which seems to be deprecated now. I’ve deployed Nebula Graph 2.0.1
(I am using the IP and port as the host, and am able to access using nebula console)
How can I get the connection established?

Request Error: 404 Not Found


Dear @rrk,

It’s suspected that you were using an outdated docker-compose.yml, could you retry with he latest ones listed below?

We are sorry that as we removed nebula-web-docker (now we open-sourced nebula studio).
Still, you can have docker-compose files here:

for nebula graph 2.0.1:
for nebula graph 2.5.0:

You can docker-compose up -d to bootstrap the corresponding studio then.

We are working on the documentation on this.

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