Documentation on start/stop nebula services needs improvement

Here is the link: Start and Stop Services - Nebula Graph Database Manual

The doc shows people how to start one instance of metad, storaged and graphd, which means neubla won’t work. My understanding is that you need at least 3 instances? Please clarify. Thanks.

If one starts nebula with docker-compose, there won’t be this kind of issues, but if they compiled nebula from source and started the services manually, this will be frustrating.

@kindlychung Thanks for bringing up this issue.

@RandomJoe Please help take a look. Thanks!

Hi there! For now, we do not have an automatic way to deploy a Nebula Graph cluster. This doc you mentioned is based on single machine deployment. To deploy a multi-host Nebula Graph cluster, please follow Deploy Nebula Graph cluster and run the commands described in Start and Stop Services accordingly on each host.

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Just curious, how do the individual nebula instances communicate with each other and realize that they are in the same cluster?

nebula graph instances knows other peers by communicating with nebula-metad which port and ip are configured in conf files.

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