Enterprise package self managed 企业套餐自行管理

Hi, for the enterprise package, can I can use it for self managed data center and cloud platform data center?


@shawnngtq Thanks for the question. Are you asking whether you can deploy the enterprise package of Nebula Graph on cloud platforms like AWS or GCP? If so, then yes, you can.

@jamieliu1023 , can I deploy the enterprise package on my self-managed data center (physical hardware)?

@shawnngtq For selling?

@jamieliu1023 , for my company use, not selling / reselling.

If my company doesn’t use cloud platform (AWS, GCP etc) because we already have a huge data center. Can I deploy the enterprise package on our own machines?

@shawnngtq Sure. By “enterprise package”, did you mean the Enterprise Package on this page: Nebula Graph Database Compare Plans - Open Source VS Enterprise Package?

@jamieliu1023 , yes, that is the one. Because there are certain features available only for enterprise package (such as LDAP, incremental cluster backup and restore etc).

Just wanted to check because I am not sure if the enterprise package is

  • managed service (such as AWS RDS)?
  • cloud platforms’ license (only for cloud platforms)?
  • any machines that aren’t necessary from cloud platforms, such as self-managed data center


@shawnngtq Could you contact inquiry@vesoft.com for more details about the enterprise package?