Geospatial Queries

Does Nebula Graph Database support geospatial/geolocation queries? If so, could anyone please provide couple of examples? I have found commit #1038 which indicates geo queries should be supported but without any examples. What would be an equivalent syntax in nGQL to Gremlin query geoWithin(,long,radius)) or geoWithin(,y1,x2,y2))?


GeoSpatial have been supported in nebula1.0. The query part which you could refer to the test cases in src/graph/test/GeoTest.cpp. See here: nebula/GeoTest.cpp at master · vesoft-inc/nebula · GitHub And the geo data should be imported to the nebula graph through spark importer. nebula-docs/ at master · vesoft-inc/nebula-docs · GitHub

Are you sure? Looks like a coordinate string to me:

"CREATE TAG merchant(name string, coordinate string, rate double)"

It’s a far stretch to say this is geolocation support.