Hardcoded/ Pre-defined string as input to a nGQL-extension style composite query

I’m using a composite query involving GO and FETCH.
GO FROM “v1_id” over edgeName1 yield $$.v2.id as alliasId | FETCH PROP ON edgeName2 $-.alliasId → “v3_vid” YIELD properties(edge);

Required Traversal: v1 → v2 → v3

I need to traverse from a known v1_vid to a known v3_vid. The output of v2_vid should be used as an input to the FETCH query (as the number of edges of type edgeName2 is around 2 Billion and FETCH performs faster).
With the above query, I get a syntax error at `’ YIELD '. Looks like the problem is while providing the v3_vid in the query, which can’t be harcoded/provided. But since the v3_vid needs to be provided by us, this query is not working.

Is there a workaround to provide the v3_vid by the user? Or is it mandatory for v3_vid to be an output of the GO query.

Hi @chvr203, I understand that your question has not been answered for days. Sorry it took long to respond. We are trying to migrate the discussion board to GitHub since it is native for users to ask questions there. The Nebula team is also working on GitHub, so hopefully questions there can get more attention and get quicker response. That being said, do you mind asking the question on GitHub Discussions? Thanks!

That’s not supported yet, before that the mitigation is to use GO as I replied here.

This requirement is being tracked via Enable piped var being yield in FETCH PROP · Issue #3984 · vesoft-inc/nebula · GitHub @jamieliu1023 let’s try to prioritise it!

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