How does Nebula Graph compare to Neo4j?

Hello everyone! I came across this HN thread and knew about Nebula Graph. And I’m interested in the solution. However, it seems that Neo4j is the most popular graph database solution nowadays. Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between Nebula Graph and Neo4j? Or in another word, what advantages does Nebula Graph have over Neo4j?


Nebula Graph is distributed to handle more large data and be more available,
with explicit schema to modeling.

@Shylock-Hg Thanks for your reply! So Nebula Graph differs from Neo4j in schema and ability to handle large-scale data sets. How about other perspectives? For example, performance, scalability, architecture, etc.

For the architecture you can refer to our blogs:
For the performance benchmark, we will post it when 1.0 release in late May.