How to create a new user

When I finish installing nebulagraph, I use the default user login,and then,I want to create a new user,so I use [create user test with password testNebula] to creat a user name is test,but I got this:
[ERROR (-7)]: SyntaxError: syntax error near `testNebula’
what wrong with my operation?

The password is a string , so you need to quote it with “” as “testNebula”.

I retried creating the user usage statement [CREATE USER test WITH PASSWORD “testnebula”],but I got a
new error:
[ERROR (-8)]: The statement has not been implemented
ps:The version I’m using is 1.0.0-rc3

So you can try the nightly version.

@Qubutol The user management was merged on March 19th, you need to use the version after March 19th. rc4 version will be released at the end of this month. If you don’t want to wait for rc4, then you can download the nightly version []