Id and Type Edge CSV Ingestion via nebula-importer

  • Nebula Graph version - latest
  • Deployment type (Cluster/Single-Host/Docker/DBaaS) - Docker
  • Hardware info
    • Disk in use (SSD/HDD) - 2TB HDD
    • CPU and memory size - 16Core / 128GB RAM

Dear Nebula Team,

I am currently using your GitHub - vesoft-inc/nebula-importer: Nebula Graph Importer with Go and try to ingest the dataset (350GB) into nebula graph.

I was wondering if it’s possible to specify the type of Nodes which are going to be connected in the edge specification. From my understanding at the moment the system only looks at the ids but not at the type.
In our case (the semantic scholar dataset) there are incremental ids - for authors and publications.
If I am not able to specify what kind of node … the system might connect the wrong entities.

Have I overlooked something or where am I wrong?


Thanks for your questions. Now, nebula-graph just supported insert edge with the src node id and dst node id. Not support insert by the type of the node. in nebula-graph, the node can with multi tags(types). Does your scenario can through the different id prefix to define the different type node.

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Thanks for your answer. Makes sense.