Meet login problem about dashboard

nebula version: v2.5
the problem: nebula-dashboard
deploy the dashboard smoothly, but can not login;
use console command with no problem like

./nebula -addr -port 9669 -u root -p abc

use user:




the client error:

504 Gateway Time-out
request param: {address: “”, port: 9669, username: “root”, password: “123”}

the server error:

2021-09-10 15:49:34,513 ERROR 2359285 [-/undefined/-/60005ms POST /api/db/connect] nodejs.ECONNRESETError: read ECONNRESET
at TCP.onStreamRead (node:internal/stream_base_commons:220:20)
errno: -104
syscall: “read”
headerSent: true
name: “ECONNRESETError”
pid: 2359285
hostname: 172-16-40-1

@MegaByte875 Please help look at it.

Please check nebula-http-gateway port 8090
$ ss -lnpt |grep 8090

see this issue:

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