Migrating dgraph -> nebula-graph

News website (euopean union)
We use dgraph to present: Articles you may also like
For some reasons we are looking for an alternative.

Is there a Howto build a recommendation engine with nebula graph somewhere?
Something similar to:

Thanks a lot!

@doublemax Thanks for posting your question here! And thanks for sharing the dgraph blog series. Very interesting.
Currently there is no such article as How to build a recommendation engine with Nebula Graph. But it is definitely worth considering. We do have some users using Nebula Graph for real-time recommendations but they are following their own business logic. Have you built your recommendation system based on the rules that are described in the dgraph posts?

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Yes, we have copy/pasted our recommendation system from this dgraph-post.
It works - but has too many flaws. It runs on a single machine.
Graph-theory is easy for you guys - but we have a lack of mathematicians.
Such a blog-post would be really great (especially the difficult query part).

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we currently don’t have such content for your reference. Maybe you can just use the business logic and algorithms in your existing recommendation system, just migrating the data from dgraph to Nebula Graph? We will consider writing such an article. Will definitely keep you posted when it is ready. :smile:

Thanks for your reply.

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