Minor issue on the copy button in official documentations

Trying to copy some code examples from here: Nebula Graph CRUD - Nebula Graph Database Manual and found one annoying issue. Every time I click on the copy button it copies some extr stuff that cannot be executed, like this:

nebula> FETCH PROP ON follow "player100" -> "player101";
| edges_                                             |
| [:follow "player100"->"player101" @0 {degree: 96}] |
Got 1 rows (time spent 2205/2800 us)

Preferrably, only the FETCH PROP ON follow "player100" -> "player101"; part should be copied.

@kindlychung Thanks for bringing this issue up. I see what you meant. Only the code should be copied. The results should NOT be copied together. Right? It makes sense because readers want to copy the code only and check the results for themselves.

@RandomJoe Please help take look at it. Thanks!

Thank you for the advice. Optimizing code blocks in the docs is already in our TODO list. Currently, we are devoting to maintain the completeness and correctness of the docs. Optimizations such as this one should be carried out in the next phase.

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