Nebula Dashboard v1.0.0 & v1.0.1 Release Note

GitHub: GitHub - vesoft-inc/nebula-dashboard: Nebula Graph Service Monitor Tool

Nebula Graph Dashboard v1.0.1

bug fix

  • Modify the processing logic of rate indicator data. #5

Nebula Dashboard v1.0.0

New Features:

  • Support to collects the source information of machines in the cluster, including the CPU, memory, load, disk, and network.
  • Support to collects the performance metrics in the cluster, including the IP addresses, versions, and monitoring metrics (such as the number of queries, the latency of queries, the latency of heartbeats, and so on).
  • Support to collects the information of the cluster, including the service information, the partition information, configuration, and the long-term task of the cluster.