Nebula explorer trial license error

hi there,

I try to use trial nebula-explorer, I find it could not work well. Here I will list my environment info: (1).OS: Ubuntu 18.04 64bit (all components works in this instance, include metad, graphd,storaged..);  (2). Nebula Graph: 2.6.0; (3). Nebula Explorer: >=2.1.0 (supported by vesoft);
I follow the guidence and  execute the script to start explorer, it occurs error as below:

the license supported by vesoft as below,
thanks a tun, please help to solve the problem asap!

–Best Regards

hi, what is your license filename? Maybe it was caused by an incorrect filename.

hi, I use the license which supported by vesoft through email.could you give me more information about this error, thanks!

Yeah, and a license file was given you through email, what is the license file’s name?
Only nebula.license filename is valid, otherwise it will throw error.