Nebula Graph Studio Now Supports Visualized Schema Operations

The new release (v1.2.0-beta) of Nebula Graph Studio (named Studio for short) comes. In this update, Studio is furnished with a new feature: visualized schema operations. From now on, with Studio, you can operate graph schemas for Nebula Graph without memorizing nGQL syntax, which is more convenient and less stressful for users.

Studio is a Web-based visualization tool for access to the Nebula Graph database. It provides you with the graphical UI for graph schema definition, data import, nGQL statement queries, data analysis, and graph exploration.

Before the release of this feature, you can only use nGQL statements in Console to create, retrieve, update, and delete schemas. To do those operations, you must learn nGQL syntax. Someone reported that it was not so friendly because they are at pains to memorize all the parameters.

To facilitate getting started with and using Nebula Graph, the Studio development team visualized the schema operations. With the release of this new feature, all you need is having a graph data structure in your mind and then realizing it by creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting graph spaces, tags, edge types, and indexes with the graphical UI.

UI Screenshots

Create a Graph Space.

Create Tags, Edge Types, And/Or Indexes.

How to Upgrade

Run these commands to update Studio to the latest version, v1.2.0-beta.

cd path/to/nebula-web-docker
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up

The Operational Guide

For how to create graph data schemas in the graphical UI, see Nebula Graph Studio User Guide.

A Video Tutorial

The team has created a video tutorial that walks you through the schema creation process. Here is the YouTube link:

Please let us know if you have any questions when using Nebula Graph Studio by leaving comments below!