Nebula Studio v3.0.0 on K8s

I have deployed nebula graph v2.5.0 on my k8s environment (okd). I have also set up nebula-http-gateway on my k8s cluster.

I’ve changed the addresses of app/middleware/proxy.ts & vendor/gateway.conf on nebula-studio to point to the nebula-http-gateway on the cluster, however it does not seem to connect when I run nebula-studio as a container on a pod, butworks when I clone the repository and run it using npm run dev locally.

Are there any docs that would help me set up nebula-studio on k8s?

I think it’ ok to deploy it by k8s. There are some docs about use of studio via docker-compose here: Deploy Studio - Nebula Graph Database Manual. You can refer it.

You can try it, or you can provide more details about how you config the proxy among these resource, :handshake:

Hi,please show me your deployment yaml about studio,and how did you deploy nebula-http-gateway, thanks.

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