Redeeming points for Nebula Graph SWAG

The Nebula Graph community has a lot of engaging members. They actively reply to the questions raised by other Nebula Graph users in the WeChat group or the Slack channel, helping them understand Nebula Graph better. They are very kindhearted. There are also a group of creative members who are willing to transform their experience to articles about best practices and evaluation and to share them with the global community. The last group. They are proud of “Show me the code” and have made great contributions to the Nebula Graph project. They are Contributors of the Nebula Graph community. All these people are nStars of the community. To acknowledge their contributions, we introduce a credit point mechanism. All their efforts can be exchanged for the Nebula Graph SWAG, which enables Nebula Graph to accompany them forever in another form.

How to Earn Nebula Graph Points

  • Reply to questions

    • Anyone who replies to other users’ questions will earn 1 point when their reply is accepted by the questioner as the solution.
  • Participate in community activities

    • Anyone who participates in any offline Nebula nMeetup will earn 1 point.
    • Anyone who participates in the Nebula Graph community activities will earn 1 point.
  • Report bugs

    • Anyone who submits a bug of Nebula Graph will earn 1 point.
    • Anyone who submits a bug that can cause Nebula Graph to crash will earn 10 points.
  • Contribute content

    • Anyone who posts articles about their experience or evaluation in using or testing Nebula Graph will earn 15 points.
  • PR

    • Anyone who submits a PR to any Nebula Graph repository will earn various points according to the difficulty of the PR when the PR is merged:
      • Easy level: 5 points.
      • Medium level: 10 points.
      • Difficult level: 20 points.
  • Presentation: Anyone who shares their experience in using Nebula Graph on a conference not held by Nebula Graph or inside their company will earn 20 points.

  • Anyone who holds an online or offline community activity that focuses on learning Nebula Graph will earn 30 points.

  • Redeeming Nebula Graph gift vouchers for points:

    • One Nebula Graph activity gift voucher for 15 points.
    • One Nebula Graph Active Contributor gift voucher for 20 points.
    • One Nebula Graph Active Committer gift voucher for 30 points.

ATTENTION: A bug can be reported as an issue on GitHub or a question on the forum.

Redeeming points for Nebula Graph SWAG

15 points can be redeemed for the following 6 types of SWAGs

  • Nebula Graph Large Mouse Pad
  • Nebula Graph Peaked Cap (Black or White)
  • Nebula Graph Mug
  • Nebula Graph Notebook Set (Stock Shortage)
  • Nebula Graph Throw Pillow
  • Nebula Graph Hoodie/Sweatshirt

How to Redeem

Contact Jamie or Stream.

More Information

Each nStar will have a unique credit point card. The Nebula Graph team will keep and maintain the card for them. However, you may have different accounts in our Slack channel, GitHub repositories, and our forum, so to make sure that you can be recognized clearly, please send email to to let us know that you are willing to have these Nebula Graph points.

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