Slow query response

Nebula version: v3.1.0
graphd: 1 (128GM, 2 TB SSD)
metad: 1 (128GM, 2 TB SSD)
storage: 3 (128GM, 2 TB SSD)

Below simple query taking 20 minutes
@wey any help t-shoot the issue?

MATCH (s:Student)-[r]-(a:CourseTcode)-[rr]-(b)
WHERE == 522687
RETURN s, r, a, rr, b limit 3

@porscheme Thanks for posting your question here!

So we are now migrating from this forum to GitHub Discussions since it is more native for users to ask questions, file issues, or start discussions on GitHub with just your GitHub account logged in. Also, the Nebula engineering team is also working on GitHub, so hopefully you can get quicker response there on GitHub.

With that being said, could you please ask the question on GitHub discussion? I am sure @wey will answer you there fairly quickly. :wink:

Also replied you via slack DM :slight_smile:

Please help profile first.

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Thanks @wey, here is the profile data
id | name | dependencies | profiling Data
18 | Project | 16 | ver: 0, rows: 3, execTime: 18355us, totalTime: 18365us
16 | Limit | 14 | ver: 0, rows: 3, execTime: 25528291us, totalTime: 25528300us
14 | Filter | 6 | ver: 0, rows: 11636144, execTime: 8150513us, totalTime: 8150522us

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